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Solutions for CD Presentations

Create presentations for use on CD, DVD or USB flash drive

Are you looking for a solution that will:

  • Create an autorun CD menu for storage mediums such as CDs, DVDs and USB sticks
  • Create photo slide shows
  • Create self-running multi-media presentations
Autorun CD Präsentation
... if so, please read on because we have a fantastic solution for you.
Autorun CD Menü When today's computer users insert a CD or DVD into their drive, they expect to be able to sit back, enjoy and let the presentation run automatically on its own. Leaving your users to search for the program or document that needs starting is a bad idea because, like in so many other areas of life, first impressions count.
KSSW-FrontendMenu-Creator Software


Front-End Menu Creator, Autostart CD Menu Creator, Desktop Menu Creator, Setup Launcher

  • Start your program applications professionally.
  • Impress your users with a introduction to your presentations.
  • Launch your documents, setups, product introduction, slideshows, advertisements reliably from your portable storage.

You need the Menu Creator Software to...

  • Create an Autostart Menu (for CD and DVD)
  • Create an Autostart Menu for USB sticks and USB flash drive
  • Create a Setup Launcher for your portable storage
  • Create a Desktop Menu for a Windows PC
  • Create impressive CD Business Cards
  • Professional introduction to your presentations, documents, application, product introduction, slideshows, advertisements from your CD, DVD, USB

You will find more detailed information at the Frontend-Menu web site:
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Create Autorun CD Menu Applications for CD, DVD and USB Stick

CDMenuPro - Autorun CD Menu Creator   CDMenuPro - Autorun CD Menu Creator

CDMenuPro has been developed for you to create impressive Autorun CD menu applications for use on CD, DVD and USB Flash Drives without any previous programming knowledge.

It comes with a large number of project assistants, templates and additional software that enable anyone to create professional results in no time at all.

Using drag-&-drop technology it is easy to drag the documents or menu objects that you require into the menu window.

You will find more detailed information at the CDMenuPro web site:
    »  Autorun CD Menu Creator ...

Create sound-supported photo slideshow, manage digital images

Foto Slideshow Creator   PicturePlayer - Photo Slideshow Creator

The software contained in the PicturePlayer package has been designed to let you manage your digital pictures and create sound-supported slideshows and picture presentations quickly with only a few clicks of your mouse.

The ShowCreator included in the software package is not just for creating and configuring picture presentations. Indeed, its integrated image browser and "light-box function" have been specially designed for managing images.

Tidy up your picture files. Its integrated picture browser has been designed to make managing your pictures child's play. Using its drag & drop feature, you can move or copy files into any folder or allocate a name prefix to all highlighted files in order to create file names that actually mean something with a minimum of effort.

You will find more detailed information at the PicturePlayer web site:
    » Foto Slideshow Creator ...

Autorun Multimedia Presentaion for CD, DVD, USB Stick

Autoplay Multimedia CD Präsentation   IntroCreator - CD Multimedia Presentation Creator

IntroCreator makes it increadibly easy to create self-running multimedia presentations of your products, company or business activities from sound, image and text elements.

A player is included for playing the created presentations. The player can be reproduced without restrictions and will run immediatley on all Win32 systems (Win95...W7) without having to be installed.

You will find more detailed information at the IntroCreator web site:
    » Multimedia Presentation Creator ...

KS-SW Backlink Checker

  Backlink Checker - Check your backlinks regularly

If you have invested a lot of time, effort and maybe even money in the linkage of your Internet presence, the Backlink Checker helps you regularly examine whether agreed links actually exist. Though trust in link partners is good, monitoring them occasionally is better yet.

The KS-SW Backlink Checker is a PC software which makes it possible to assess, monitor as well as document the presence and quality of links to your website.

You will find more detailed information at the Backlink Checker web site:
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The HtmlCompiler is a powerful tool for improving the coding and care of Html-projects. It allows the separation of Layout and Text content.

More Info: Html-Compier - Create and maintain Html-projects

Windows Find Files

Windows find files with various criteria. Windows XP style search tool for all who miss this feature in Windows 7.

More Info: Windows Find Files - search and find files

We won't leave you out in the cold

We won't leave you out in the cold after purchasing our software. Our free support service is one of our greatest strengths and is on hand to provide fast and professional advice to your questions.
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Frontend Menu Creator
Create Autorun CD Menu for CD / DVD, USB Menu for USB flash drive (USB Stick). KSSW-FrontendMenu is as easy as drag&drop.

Autorun CD Menu Creator
Create a professional cd menu for your presentations on CD,DVD,USB